Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bear in Sunshine

On Sunday night, as the wind began to howl and we had learned that schools would be closed in Boston on Monday because of Hurricane Sandy, Elfe requested Bear in Sunshine as her bedtime book.

Bear does all kinds of activities, depending on the weather...Bear likes to sing in the rain, He flies his red kite when the wind blows, When it's icy, he skates in the lane...

...Bear likes to paint when it's misty, When storms come, he hides in his bed, When snow falls, he likes to make snow-bears, When the moon shines he stands on his head (my personal favorite Bear activity!).

Whatever the weather, come snow, rain or sun, Bear always knows how to have lots of fun!

Bear in Sunshine was the perfect choice for a stormy night! 

Bear in Sunshine is available in paperback or board book format for $6.99.

You can also take advantage of one of this week's Barefoot Dazzling Deals and get FOUR Bear board books for just $19.99 - a savings of 30%!  The Dazzling Deal Bear Board Book Bundle is available until the end of Thursday, November 1st.

Bear is one of our favorite Barefoot characters, and I'm so happy that Elfe still enjoys Bear books even as she gets older.  I'm sure your little one will enjoy Bear for years to come too!

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