Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Sale 2015 - Classic Heroes

Along with deals on best-selling singalongs for younger children, our big Summer Sale includes some amazing deals on gorgeous books about a few classic heroes you might recognize - all in gift-quality hardcover with stunning illustrations.  These are books that will be on your child's bookshelf for years to come and become family favorites.

Let's start with the legendary King of Camelot, Arthur of Albion.  Discover the stories and historical details featuring the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, Guinevere, the Quest for Excalibur, and more.  Includes a detailed full-color map of the realm of Albion.  For ages 8 and up, normally $24.99 but available during the Summer Sale for just $6.25!  Buy now while supplies last and save it as a gift for upcoming birthdays or holidays!

The Adventures of Achilles is one of our very favorite books, it comes with two story CDs narrated by professional story tellers Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden and we listen to it on every long car trip.  This is a version of the Trojan War suitable for ages 8 and up.  Kirkus Reviews gave The Adventures of Achilles a starred review: “Epic in deed and scope and a-bustle with larger-than-life characters, this retelling of the Iliad will rivet both readers and listening audiences.”  Normally $23.99, it's available for just $14.39 during the Summer Sale!

The Barefoot Books version of Robin Hood is amazing, with a strong Marion character and beautiful illustrations.  The illustrator lives near Sherwood forest in England and drew upon the actual location for inspiration.  Each chapter of this stunning hardcover book - nine in all - re-tells a tale from the Robin Hood legend, including "Robin Becomes an Outlaw," "Robin Meets Little John," and "Robin's Last Battle."  For ages 8 and up, normally $24.99 but available for just $12.50 during the Summer Sale!

These are all classic stories that everyone should know, and I can't think of a better way to introduce them to your children than through these beautiful and detailed Barefoot Books versions.  But hurry - the Summer Sale ends on August 31st!  And don't forget to use discount code 2015SUMMER to save an additional 20% on everything, including these sale books!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Sale 2015 - Singalongs!

We're having a summer sale!  Super savings on select titles in August only!  Find the sale page here, or see below for some best-selling singalongs that are part of the sale...

Singalong books with CDs are perfect for listening to in the car (and I promise that you will enjoy listening to them as much as your little one), or for indoor dance parties when the weather outside is stormy.  Pop the CD into a computer and you'll also find an animated version of the book - so much fun!  Paperback singalongs are normally $9.99 but the three titles below are only $7.99 during the summer sale.

Portside Pirates! is a perennial favorite - it has a catchy tune, colorful illustrations full of quirky details, a diverse cast of characters, and fabulous end notes including a labeled diagram of a pirate ship and a list of famous pirates from history.  

If You're Happy and You Know It! is the classic song given Barefoot's signature multicultural twist - meet children from 36 different cultures as you clap your hands, pat your head, and turn around - then learn how to say "hello" in each of their languages at the end of the song!

A Dragon on the Doorstep is a rousing game of hide-and-seek with a dragon, a tiger, a crocodile, a gorilla, and all sorts of other creatures - your child can join in the fun while exploring the house and engaging his or her imagination!

Want to save even more?  Use the discount code 2015SUMMER to save 20% on everything, including books on sale!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Celebrate Diversity, Spark Curiosity - and Earn an Income!

Travel the world via children's books when you become a Barefoot Books Ambassador this month!

Join before August 31st and you will receive an email within one week with a special code - use the code when you place your first order and you'll receive this cultural awareness collection as a gift!

Learn about the Chinese zodiac in The Great Race, visit a Nigerian market in Catch that Goat, relax on the beach in Off We Go to Mexico, explore courage and beauty in Tehran in The Girl with a Brave Heart, and sing along with four kids in different countries getting ready to start their day in Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.  This collection is worth over $50 but it's yours for free when you become an Ambassador in August!

Need a little extra incentive?  Use the discount code SUMMERKIT15 to save 15% on your Starter Kit in August too!