Monday, October 16, 2017

Introducing Mindful Kids

Are you looking for ways to incorporate mindfulness into your children's day? Introducing Mindful Kids from Barefoot Books! 

Easily adaptable for home or classroom use, these cards are structured to take all children, regardless of ability, through their whole day from morning to night with peace and inner strength.

Start the day strong

Has a child in your life woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Use the breathing and visualization activities to help them notice their mood and release any grumpy feelings or worries.

Calm your students

Help kids focus before a test with breathing exercises. Group and partner activities can help students resolve conflict, build friendships and boost other social emotional skills!

Overcome fears

Is a child nervous to try something new? Use these cards to help them practice replacing negative thoughts with positive, encouraging ones.  

Get ready for bed

Tame bedtime struggles with these fun activities! Once you've worked out the wiggles, help little ones slow down for sleep.

Research shows that practicing mindfulness increases focus and concentration, teaches children to self-regulate emotions and develops empathy, self-awareness and kindness.

Mindful Kids was written by an award-winning author and mindfulness expert, with input from early childhood development and inclusion specialists - it's perfect for everyone, from ages 4 to 104!

Looking for more ways to connect mind and body in a meaningful way? Try some of the resources here, including a free yoga activity download!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April is Autism Month

Barefoot Books is committed to giving back, and this month we are giving back to help empower kids on the autism spectrum.  Autism is important to us because it's important to so many of you - parents, teachers, therapists - so we are excited to add this special emphasis to our work this month!

Place an order in April, and Barefoot Books will donate one book for every $60 USD or $75 CAD that you spend - books will be donated to either Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) in the US or Autism Canada in Canada.  For more information about these organizations, and book recommendations from our community, go to our Autism Month 2017 page.  

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Diversity Toolbox

Do you want to help your kids embrace diversity and inclusivity but aren't sure how to get started? Sign up for our free discussion guide plus tips and activities that you can use to spark important conversations with your kids.

***Extra bonus - anyone who signs up for the Barefoot diversity toolbox before the end of March will receive a special discount code from me to save 25% on any order of any size placed during the first two weeks of April!***

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Introducing The Barefoot Book of Children

Have you heard the buzz about The Barefoot Book of Children? Everyone from UNICEF to School Library Journal to the inventor of the internet (no, really!) has proclaimed this book as a must-have for every child!

Check out the video Barefoot made to introduce our most diverse and inclusive book yet:

Want one for your own kids? Order here!

Want even more diverse and inclusive books? Go here!

Want to check out all of our new releases? Here you go!

Best of all...want to save 20% on your order of $60 or more? Shop here before March 31st, 2017 and use code LAUGHUS when you check out!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spooky Stories and Spook Fun!

Happy Halloween!! 

Are you in the mood for some spooky stories from Barefoot Books?

Check out my recommendations below!

Let's start with our featured book - Tales of Mystery and Magic by master story teller Hugh Lupton.  These seven stories from around the world introduce children to the bewitching world of mystery and magic, and range from charming - the Seneca tale Winter and Summer explains the transition from winter to summer in the guise of a cold and grumpy old man and a warm and friendly old woman - to downright spooky - the Scottish story of The Strange Visitor features disembodied body parts that arrive one night to snatch an old woman from her home.  These stories are not for children who frighten easily, but are perfect for kids who love the thrill of being scared by a story.  Recommended for ages 6 to 10.  Read them out loud yourself, or enjoy Hugh Lupton's magical narration on the story CD.

For more magical stories from around the world, check out our Magic Stories independent reader series, which currently includes a story from Ireland and a story from Russia.  These stories are perfect for children ages 6 and up!

In Cara and the Wizard, two Irish sisters love each other very much - so when Molly vanishes one morning, Cara decides she will go out into the wide world to find her. She is armed only with gifts from her mother and father, and her own kindness and courage. Can brave Cara defeat a wolf and a wizard to bring back her beloved sister?

In Starlight Grey, after an old man dies, only his dreamy son Ivan is brave enough to keep vigil at his father’s grave. Ivan’s reward is the magical stallion Starlight Grey, which he keeps secret from his two greedy brothers. When the Russian king challenges all the young men in his kingdom to win the hand of his beautiful daughter, Ivan calls on the help of Starlight Grey.

Do you have a little monster-lover in your house?  Then our Monster Stories independent reader series is perfect for you.  Inspire young readers with these adventures that teach courage, compassion and kindness. Meeting monsters on the page helps children realize that many of the scary things in life are less frightening than they appear — and that monsters can have feelings too!

The storylines of these illustrated folktales from around the world are written in simple sentences to make them perfect first chapter books. 
Choose a story from Italy or South Africa, from Chile or Nepal, from Tahiti or North America...or buy all 6 at a special low price!  These are monster stories with happy endings, so children will experience the scary thrill of a good story and the satisfaction of knowing everything turns out fine in the end.  

Looking for more spooky fun?  Create monsters and magicians out of paper with this folding paper craft kit for ages 7 and up...

...or use strategy and problem-solving to mix a magic potion and stop the wizard in the cooperative board game Cauldron Quest...

...or make a monster mask with this craft activity based on our books...

...or serve Dracula's Gelatin to your kids with this spooky fun recipe for kid in the kitchen...

...or best of all, save 20% on everything you order today with the discount code FALL2015 - it expires at the end of the day on Halloween!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Sale 2015 - Classic Heroes

Along with deals on best-selling singalongs for younger children, our big Summer Sale includes some amazing deals on gorgeous books about a few classic heroes you might recognize - all in gift-quality hardcover with stunning illustrations.  These are books that will be on your child's bookshelf for years to come and become family favorites.

Let's start with the legendary King of Camelot, Arthur of Albion.  Discover the stories and historical details featuring the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, Guinevere, the Quest for Excalibur, and more.  Includes a detailed full-color map of the realm of Albion.  For ages 8 and up, normally $24.99 but available during the Summer Sale for just $6.25!  Buy now while supplies last and save it as a gift for upcoming birthdays or holidays!

The Adventures of Achilles is one of our very favorite books, it comes with two story CDs narrated by professional story tellers Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden and we listen to it on every long car trip.  This is a version of the Trojan War suitable for ages 8 and up.  Kirkus Reviews gave The Adventures of Achilles a starred review: “Epic in deed and scope and a-bustle with larger-than-life characters, this retelling of the Iliad will rivet both readers and listening audiences.”  Normally $23.99, it's available for just $14.39 during the Summer Sale!

The Barefoot Books version of Robin Hood is amazing, with a strong Marion character and beautiful illustrations.  The illustrator lives near Sherwood forest in England and drew upon the actual location for inspiration.  Each chapter of this stunning hardcover book - nine in all - re-tells a tale from the Robin Hood legend, including "Robin Becomes an Outlaw," "Robin Meets Little John," and "Robin's Last Battle."  For ages 8 and up, normally $24.99 but available for just $12.50 during the Summer Sale!

These are all classic stories that everyone should know, and I can't think of a better way to introduce them to your children than through these beautiful and detailed Barefoot Books versions.  But hurry - the Summer Sale ends on August 31st!  And don't forget to use discount code 2015SUMMER to save an additional 20% on everything, including these sale books!