Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some of Our Favorite Singalong Books

In case you are trying to decide which Barefoot singalongs you should order at a 25% discount this weekend, here are some of our favorites...

"Chug, chug, clank clank toot - it's a very busy day!"  One of Barefoot's most popular singalong books, Driving My Tractor helps kids learn counting, the names of animals, and what grows on a farm.  Such a catchy tune from SteveSongs!

This is the classic favorite with an international flavor - kids from all around the world clap their hands, stomp their feet, wiggle their hips, and shout "Hello!" to show how happy they are! 

Another great tune from SteveSongs - what can you do with a line, a square, a circle, and a triangle?  You'll be surprised to find out!

Perfect for long car trips, and for learning colors and forms of transportation!

This was one of the first Barefoot Books to arrive at our house, and we still love it.  Great for dancing!

Such a fun song, and kids can learn all about the parts of a pirate ship, famous pirates from around the world, and the types of ships they used in the wonderful end notes.

Another classic tune, great for building counting skills, and for learning about musical instruments.

Learn how four kids from different countries jump out of bed, brush their teeth, do their hair, and head off to school every morning.

Learn about insects, musical instruments, and counting from one to ten - all to a calypso beat!

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