Thursday, September 6, 2012

Animal Stories

Barefoot Books has released several new titles for the Fall, and will be releasing several more over the next few weeks.  I'll be sharing as many of them as I can with you as they come out, and here is the first installment...

The Tortoise's Gift is #1 in the new Animal Stories series.  It's an easy chapter book in paperback format, perfect for your new reader who is developing confidence or for reading aloud with your pre-reader.  This story is from Zambia, retold by Lari Don and colorfully illustrated by Melanie Williamson.

When the rain stops falling one summer, the animals get hungrier and thirstier....and then they remember the story of the wonderful tree that will produce fruit for them if only it is asked by name.  They find the tree, but no one knows the tree's name!  They think the wise mountain knows the tree's name, but which animal can make the journey all the way to the mountain and come back without forgetting the name the mountain tells them?

Kirkus Reviews says of The Tortoise's Gift“Simple vocabulary, straightforward text and plenty of repetition make this a good choice for somewhat experienced readers, while the gentle humor, accessible lesson and appealing illustrations make this a tale that children will savor.”  

Never Trust a Tiger, a story from Korea, is #2 in the Animal Stories series.  It is also retold by Lari Don and illustrated by Melanie Williamson, and is also perfect for early readers.

The merchant helps a tiger out of a hole, but then the tiger wants to eat the merchant!  Should good deeds always follow good deeds, or is it fair for the tiger to eat the merchant?  The merchant and the tiger consult several passers-by, but they all give a different answer to the question.  Does the merchant manage to escape?  You will have to read the book to find out!

Never Trust a Tiger has received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews, which says, “Young readers will be drawn in by the suspense and leave with a chuckle. An excellent addition to both the folk tale genre and the early-reader shelf.”

These two Animal Stories join Barefoot's Monster Stories as chapter books for early readers, and I can't wait to see what's next for this category - since Elfe will very soon be among the ranks of kids just learning to read on their own!

Don't forget that if you make a Barefoot Books purchase from me, either online or in person, before September 15th, you will be entered to win a $25 Barefoot Books gift card and a hardcover copy of Ruby's School Walk.  See all the details here.

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