Friday, September 7, 2012

September Sale

Several of our favorite books are on sale this month, here's a brief list of books at great prices that I think belong on every kid's bookshelf:

Ruby's School Walk - our very favorite Barefoot heroine from one of our favorite Barefoot artists, Miriam Latimer.  Ruby is brave and strong on her walk to school, confronting crocodiles, tigers, witches, and ghosts...but she needs her mom to help her be brave enough to face a day of adventure once she gets to school.  The hardcover version of the book is usually $16.99 but is available for $12.99 through the end of September - and the paperback version has just recently been released for the very affordable price of $7.99.

 The Boy Who Grew Flowers - Rink's whole family is considered strange by the townspeople and Rink mostly keeps to himself at school, not revealing his special talent to anyone - when the moon is full, he sprouts flowers all over his body.  But then a new girl arrives in class and Rink takes a chance by inviting her to the school dance; when he reveals his secret, he discovers that she has a special talent of her own!  I adore the happy ending to this story, and I know you will too.  This book is normally $16.99 in hardcover, but is on sale for $11.99 through the end of the month - and it also has a brand-new paperback version available for just $7.99.

Children of the World Memory Game - based on the fantastically fun singalong book If You're Happy and You Know It.  Match the girl and boy pairs from each country, and learn how to say "hello!" in 36 different languages while you're at it.  For children ages 4 and up.  This is usually $15.99 but is on sale in September for just $11.99.

Lola's Fandango - Lola is another of our favorite Barefoot heroines because she is so spunky and persistent!  Lola finds her mother's old flamenco shoes in the back of the closet, and convinces her father to secretly give her lessons in the dance.  While learning how to count the rhythms and move her arms and stomp her feet just the right way, she also learns a thing or two about herself along the way.  We often listen to the story CD from this book, with perfect narration by the Amador family.  The hardcover version is normally $16.99 but is available for $12.99 during this month.

The Barefoot Books World Atlas - I saved the best for last!  I have gushed and gushed about this book before, both here on the blog and on Facebook, so I really think you should take advantage of this sale - the Atlas is usually $19.99 but you can have it for just $15.99 through the end of September.  Buy one for every child in your life, as well as any adults you can think of who love to learn more about our world!

There are several other items on sale this month as well, but these are the ones I highly recommend.  Start your holiday shopping now with this September sale!

  • Shipping is always free for orders over $60
  • Use the discount code TWENTY12 for an additional 20% off your order
  • Purchase any of these books online before September 15th and be entered into my Back-to-School giveaway - you could win a $25 Barefoot gift card and a hardcover copy of Ruby's School Walk

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