Saturday, May 29, 2010

Show me yours, I'll show you mine

I am so excited about the huge sale going on at Barefoot Books this weekend - I've had my eye on a few things and this was the perfect opportunity to stock up on some new books!

Here are some of the things I ordered:

Since Elfe likes Bear in a Square so much, I decided we needed to read about ALL of Bear's adventures.  Bear at Home, Bear about Town, Bear at Work, Bear in a Square, Bear in Sunshine, and Bear's Busy Family - that Bear sure does get around!  As an extra bonus, I ordered the Bear on the Go puzzle set:

Elfe also loves her Animal Boogie book and CD, and she loves music and dancing in general, so I also ordered a few books with sing-a-long CDs (click the pictures for more information on each book):

I will definitely be reviewing all of these books over the next several weeks after my order arrives, so stay tuned for the reports!

In the meantime, please do show me what you've ordered this weekend - you have until Monday to get the 20% discount - I would love to hear what you and your children are interested in!

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  1. we ordered the creepy crawling calypso too! and also knick knack paddy wack and the pirate ones...i was thinking of ordering one of the fairytale ones for sophia for christmas....