Monday, May 17, 2010

Bear on a Bike

Right after I read the first two lines of this book for the first time, my three-year-old daughter Elfe piped up with "Where going, bear?"  She was riveted for the rest of book and couldn't wait to find out where Bear was going on his bike, his raft, his train, his boat, his carriage, and his rocket ship. 

Elfe loves this book, and will even "read" it in the car to herself when we are driving; there are so many details in the pictures that she can pick out and talk about even though she can't actually read the words yet, and the story is simple enough that she can remember what each page is about.

We also read this book at bed time, the ending is perfect for saying good night and my daughter likes to wave back at Bear as he's standing on the moon on the last page. We both love this book and can't wait to read the rest of the Bear series!

We have the board book version of Bear on a Bike, and it is also available in a paperback version.  Both versions are normally $6.99 but the board book is currently on sale for $5.99!

There is also a Spanish language version, Oso en bicicleta, available in paperback for $6.99. 

Looking for a gift?  The Barefoot Bear Gift Set would be perfect!  All six Bear books (board book versions), in an eco-friendly re-usable green bag with a gift tag for $40.


  1. That book looks great. Thanks for the review!! :)

  2. And thanks for my very first comment!

  3. Love the books! I have been meaning to buy a few more for their respective bookcases, so the timing was perfect! Cute stuff! I will definitely keep it in mind for gifts.

  4. I will definitely be buying gifts for myself and others through BFB. Just let us know how to make sure you get credit for the sales!

  5. Evelyn - and anyone else who is wondering - just click any of the links here to order at the Barefoot Books site, and I will get credit. Thanks for the support!

  6. We have Bear on a Bike and Bear in the Square! We've never actually read the story, but Chance loves the pictures. He loves to identify all the things on each page (not sure his grandmas appreciate how quickly he identified the older woman as "grandma" though!).