Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Up, Up, Up!

I don't include very much about my personal life here - that's what my other blog is for - so you may not know that the past year has been financially stressful in the extreme for me.  Being a single mom has been much more expensive than I anticipated, and two cuts to my hours at work plus huge increases in my health insurance premiums - among other increased expenses - have really taken a toll.  I thought things would get better when my daughter started public school this past September - no more daycare costs, hooray! - but instead it seemed like things got worse and I can't even figure out how or why.

But now, I do really think we have rounded the corner.  I received a very large tax refund yesterday, which will allow me to pay off one credit card entirely and pay down half of the other one, in addition to catching up on all my other bills.

And, the tax refund came just in time for me to place a very large order of Barefoot Books stock so that I can be a vendor at a school fundraiser in early December.  It will be my first time selling Barefoot Books in person at an event, and I have heard that this particular event is always very successful for Barefoot Books Ambassadors.  I'm getting some fantastic help and advice from my team leader - who has done this event in the past - and I'm super excited to be taking another step in the right direction with my Barefoot career.

All of which has me thinking about this catchy tune from the book Up, Up, Up!  It's been going through my head non-stop lately!

Up, up, up, up in a balloon.
Up so high I can touch the moon.
Up, up, up, sailing with the clouds.
Look at me! I'm so high, I can fly, I know how.

If you are reading in a feed reader, click through to the blog to see the video.

Things are definitely looking up for me, how about for you?

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  1. My boys LOVED this book and the music! Hope things continue to move up, up, up for YOU!