Thursday, March 20, 2014

D is for Dinosaur

Meet Sammy Stegosaurus!

The theme of my latest after-school crafting session at my daughter's school was dinosaurs - with some sneaky letter recognition added in!

First I read two of Barefoot's dinosaur books...Thesaurus Rex and I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur.

It's so much fun to follow Thesaurus Rex through his day...from waking up...

Thesaurus Rex starts his day
stretching, reaching, extending, bending,
uh oh, his clothes need mending! eating a snack...

Thesaurus Rex drinks his milk,
sip, sup, swallow, swill.
Whoops! He's had a messy spill!

...through all sorts of adventures all the way until bedtime...

Thesaurus Rex is all wrapped up,
bundled, covered, tucked in tight,
he'll have happy dreams tonight. Goodnight!

...and I have to add that as part of a transracial family, I especially love that Thesaurus Rex and his mom are different colors. :)

I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur is a dreamland adventure through pre-historic times, where a young boy meets dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes and colors...

My dinosaur craft was inspired by the extraordinary fabric creations of Clare Beaton in I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur.

I used orange construction paper for the body - I traced a D shape and cut out the middle, but let the kids cut around the outside of the shape.  Then they cut some legs, a head, and a tail, and glued it all together.

Add some googly eyes, some buttons, some small triangle shapes cut out of foam, and some small office-supply circle stickers for toe nails, and you've got yourself a dinosaur!

This is definitely another craft I will do again, all the kids were excited to hear stories about dinosaurs and the craft was perfect for them!

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