Friday, March 7, 2014

8 Great ABC and 123 Books

Image courtesy of Marketing Barefoot Blog

From the Marketing Barefoot Blog, Musings from Your Barefoot Book Ambassadors:
"Who out there is interested in a fresh list?
A list of truly the best, most engaging ABC and 123 books.  Books that are fresh and new to you!  Books that win awards for their quality art, engaging colors, compelling rhyme and thoughtful design.  There are elements that we know make a book truly "best".  We also know you'll agree.  So here they are:  The 8 TRULY Best ABC & 123 Books for Preschoolers, Toddles & Babies"

If you're looking for books that help little ones learn the basics, look no further than this great collection of ABC & 123 books from Barefoot!

We All Went on Safari - A Counting Journey Through Tanzania is a favorite at our house, long after we've mastered the art of counting to 10!  And there's so much more to learn in the end notes of this book, including how to count to 10 in Swahili plus facts about the Masai people and the animals featured in the book.

Bonus - We All Went on Safari is also available in Spanish so you can learn to count to 10 in that language too!

My Granny Went to Market - A Round-the-World Counting Rhyme is a close second on our favorite list.  Granny collects such beautiful and unique items on her magic carpet ride around the world, and this book is so much fun to read out loud!

Another bonus - learn to count to 10 in Spanish with Abuelita Fue Mercado!

Cleo's Counting Book

Cleo's Alphabet Book
Cleo the Cat is so sweet and gentle, learning your ABCs and 123s with her will be so simple!  Bright colors, simple text, and Cleo's great personality make these book perfect for preschoolers.

Can't get enough of Cleo?  She can also help you learn your colors, and check out all of Cleo's adventures here!

One Moose, Twenty Mice
Zoe and her Zebra

Clare Beaton creates amazing images with fabric, buttons, sequins, lace, and all sort of other materials, so it's no surprise that two of her creations make the list of great ABC and 123 books!  I especially love how diverse the kids in Zoe and her Zebra are.

You can also learn to count to 20 in Spanish with Un alce, viente ratones, and take a peek at all of Clare Beaton's books here!

Alligator Alphabet

Counting Cockatoos

Finally, you can learn your ABCs and 123s with a colorful assortment of animals, from alligators to cockatoos to leopards to giraffes to pandas and lots more!

And if you love these adorable illustrations and the idea of learning with colorful creatures, round out your collection with Octopus Opposites!

So there you have it - 8 Great ABC and 123 Books from Barefoot just for you!

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