Monday, May 21, 2012

In Which I Offer an Incentive...

...for you to join my Barefoot Books Ambassador team NOW!

First of all, I would like to let you know about the annual Barefoot Books Ambassador Conference taking place this year on Friday June 15th and Saturday June 16th in Concord, MA. 

The deadline to register for the conference is May 31st, and new Ambassadors are eligible for a special discount on registration - 30% off the regular price! 

The full conference would normally cost $125, but with the discount your price would be $87.50.  You can also register for just the Saturday portion of the conference, which would normally cost $50 but would be only $35 with your new Ambassador discount.  If you decide to take advantage of this offer after you join my team as an Ambassador, you will register on-line for the conference at the regular price and then send an email to the Barefoot offices so they can process a 30% refund for you. 

Attending the annual Conference within your first few weeks of joining my team would be a fantastic way to jump-start your Ambassador career!  On Friday of the conference, which takes place at the Concord Museum, we will enjoy a kick-off luncheon with other Ambassadors and Barefoot staff, and then get a behind-the-scenes presentation from the Barefoot editorial team into how our best-selling books are developed and delivered.  There is also a Friday evening Welcome Reception at the Barefoot Concord Studio - a magical place that you should definitely visit whether you are an Ambassador or not!  On Saturday, Ambassadors will gather under a tent at the home of Nancy Traversy - one of the founders of Barefoot Books.  After being welcomed by Nancy herself, we will hear a presentation on how to make the most of the Barefoot Ambassador compensation plan, learn read-aloud and storytime techniques from special guest Neil Griffiths, enjoy a presentation from Barefoot artist Miss Clara, and attend other training sessions designed to help us build our Ambassador businesses.  If you register for the full conference, you and your family are also invited to a BBQ and pool party at Nancy Traversy's house on Saturday night!

I do hope that you will join me at the Conference, and to show you how valuable I believe the experience will be I am personally offering you an extra incentive to attend.  The first person to join my team and register for the Conference before the May 31st deadline will receive

her choice of $50 in free Barefoot Books from me, and everyone who joins my team and registers for the Conference before the deadline will receive their choice of $25 in free Barefoot Books! 

Perhaps there are a few books that you have your eye on but they aren't included in your Starter Kit, or perhaps you would like a few books to add to your own child's library instead of selling, or perhaps you want to build up a little stash of books to offer as prizes at your very first home party.  The possibilities are endless!

If you have more questions about how the Ambassador program works, or if you're not sure that you can be successful in the program, let's schedule a time to talk in person or on the phone so I can answer your questions and help you figure out if this program is a good fit for you.

Time is ticking - what are you waiting for?

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