Sunday, March 4, 2012

Children of the World Memory Game

Barefoot's Children of the World Memory Game is my daughter's new favorite game!  A few days ago, she and I ate dinner on the living room floor while playing this game together - I am sure my own mother would be appalled if she knew, but playing together like this has been a fantastic bonding exercise for us. 

The memory game is based on the book If You're Happy and You Know It! and features children from all around the world.  The object is to match the boy and girl pairs on the cards - each card features the name of the child, while the girl cards tell you which country they are from and the boy cards tell you the language they speak and how to say "hello" in that language.  I love that the cards include countries and languages that are truly diverse, including Native American languages and different languages from the same country such as both Mandarin and Cantonese from China.  The children on the cards are wearing traditional outfits from their cultures, and they are all simply adorable!

I know I have said this many times before about books from Barefoot, but this memory game is another example of how we can enjoy Barefoot books (and other products) for years and years.  Right now my 4-year-old is building her memory and matching skills by focusing on the colors of the cards; eventually she'll be learning to recognize countries and languages, and when she can read the cards herself she'll be learning even more.  The game is recommended for ages four to seven, and I am positive that we will still be playing this game more than three years from now!

The Children of the World Memory Game is $15.99.  Remember that you can get free shipping for ordering at least $60, and if you use the code TWENTY12 in the Special Offer/Voucher Code box, you will receive 20% off your order!

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