Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 Lunar New Year Festival in Quincy

This was my display - I was very happy that the organizers gave me a prime spot with plenty of room to set up my book shelves.  The shelves fold up and are fairly light weight - easy to fit in the car and easy to carry in and out of the event.  And don't you love the little foot rugs?  I found them at the dollar store and they are perfect for Barefoot Books!

I like to bring my own director's chair to events.  It puts me at eye level with potential customers even if I'm still sitting, and it takes much less effort to hop out of it when necessary than getting up from a conventional chair.

Can you see my little helper peeking out from behind the display?  That's her own personal froggy chair there next to mine...

A closer view of the top of the table.  I raffled off a copy of The Great Race - people who put their contact information in the basket to be added to my mailing list were entered to win, and I drew the name later that night.  It was a great way to get people excited about signing up!

A little secret - I put my own name and email address on a slip of paper, folded it up, and put it in the basket first.  That way, no one else had to be the first one to put their name in the basket!

There she is again...

Who wouldn't want to buy a book from this little cutie-pie?

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my table on Sunday, I hope you are enjoying your Barefoot Books in the Year of the Dragon!

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  1. Noticed the rugs when I saw your pics on fb - best $4 ever spent!
    What a beautiful display - hope you sold a lot of books!