Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Story Tree - Tales to Read Aloud

The Story Tree was one of the first Barefoot Books to arrive at our house, and it's still a favorite.  It includes seven classic stories from around the world, retold by Hugh Lupton (who also narrates the story CD that comes with the book) and illustrated by Sophie Fatus.  The stories are appropriate for ages three to seven.

In The Magic Porridge Pot from Germany, a little girl helps an old woman and is rewarded with a magic pot that supplies endless porridge when asked.  Things go deliciously too far when her mother asks the pot for porridge and forgets how to tell it to stop!

In Monkey-See, Monkey-Do from India, a hat salesman figures out a clever way to get his hats back from the monkeys who have stolen them.

In The Sweetest Song, an African American tale, a young girl attracts unwelcome attention from a wolf with her singing, but is able to escape just in time.

In the Russian story Little Lord Feather-Frock, Brother Blackbird and Dear Cat Cotonaevitch have to keep rescuing their comrade the rooster from Old Foxy, until they finally send Old Foxy running for good and Little Lord Feather-Frock can go back to crooning and preening his feathers in front of the fire.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff is the story we all know and love - though I didn't know it was originally Norwegian until we read The Story Tree!

In The Little Red Hen from England, the hen eats a loaf of bread herself after Dab the duck, Tib the cat, and Tod the fox refuse to help her plant the grain of wheat, cut it down, thresh it, mill it into flour, or bake it into bread.

And finally, in the Jewish story of The Blue Coat, a mother helps her son enjoy the blue coat she sews for him for as long as possible and even more!

We have the hardcover version of The Story Tree, which is $19.99, but the paperback version is usually $15.99 and is on sale now through February 15th for $12.99.  Both versions come with a story CD.

Barefoot continues to offer free shipping on orders over $60, so choose a few more books from the winter sale to take advantage of that offer!

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