Friday, December 16, 2011

The Barefoot Book of Pirates

 Here is another beautiful gift book on sale this week from Barefoot:

The Barefoot Book of Pirates includes seven pirate stories from around the world.  There's a story about Robin Hood and the Pirates, pirate stories from Japan and Morocco, and there's even a story about a woman pirate - Grace O'Malley from Ireland.

This book is for children ages four to nine.  My four-year-old loves to read these stories at bedtime, and even though there are a lot of words on each page for a four-year-old to digest, the gorgeous illustrations hold her attention while I'm reading.  This is a book that your child can definitely grow with and enjoy for many years!

The hardcover version of The Barefoot Book of Pirates, which includes a story CD, is usually $19.99 but is on sale through Monday for $13.99. 

Want to enhance the pirate experience for the child who receives this book as a gift?  Add in this 100-piece puzzle based on one of the illustrations from the book!

Merry Christmas to all the little pirates in your life!

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